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Founded in 2001 by cardiologists living and working in the west of Melbourne for the  benefit of underserviced areas of the west and northwest, HeartWest has grown into a premier cardiology service in these areas of Melbourne and beyond. As one of the first cardiology group practices to form in Australia, HeartWest has maintained a focus on an affordable, accessible and high quality service to ensure optimal patient experience and outcome.

Melbourne’s west and northwest has one of the highest rates of heart disease in Victoria and HeartWest is proud to be the pioneer of establishing comprehensive cardiac services in these areas. Our operations and outcomes are the envy of other cardiology groups.

From one location, HeartWest has now grown to four full time major locations, three satellite sites and with more sites in planning stages. This extensive growth in service provision speaks of dedication and commitment of Team HeartWest for the communities that it serves. This indeed is no small feat.

When referring to HeartWest you, as a GP or a specialist colleague, have full confidence that your patient will get best and timely care, all under one roof, with results coming through promptly back to you. You remain confident that your patient will get full suite of cardiology services, integrated through both private and public systems.

From their first interaction with our staff, patients can be assured that a caring, courteous and professional approach is taken. Patients are confident that their needs will be met by our competent and compassionate doctors. HeartWest cardiologists have expertise in all areas of cardiology ranging from general adult cardiology, heart failure, Cardiac imaging including Stress Echocardiography, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology & pacing, and cardiothoracic surgery. With this range of team heartwest working in collaboration under one roof ensures that patient receives uninterrupted, continuous and smooth management of their cardiac illness, no matter how complex the problem is.

The diagnostic services provided by HeartWest are amongst the largest for any cardiology facility in Victoria. This includes public or private and hospital or community based services. Diagnostic procedures like Echocardiography, stress testing ( stress ECG and stress echocardiography), Holter monitors, blood pressure monitors and pacemaker checks are performed, analyzed and reported by highly trained cardiologists and cardiac technicians. We are continually upgrading our technology and infrastructure so that our letters and results are coming to you promptly

The Team HeartWest has strong links and associations with public hospitals (The Alfred, Western Health) and private hospitals (Epworth, Western Private, Cabrini, Valley Private).

HeartWest is always committed to working closely with General Practitioners (GPs), physicians and community groups. We are involved in projects such as Heart Failure Clinics in large GP practices, and also team up with other specialists including Respiratory and Sleep Physicians (Western Sleep & Breathing clinic), kidney specialists and general physicians to provide an umbrella of care for our patients. HeartWest has an excellent track record in community engagement programs including the Western Bulldogs “Sons of the West” men’s health program, sponsorship of local football teams, support for local schools and local charity groups.

The HeartWest team participates in training the doctors, specialists and medical technicians of the future and provides frequent educational activities for general practitioners and junior doctors. These teaching projects and learning activities are an integral part of HeartWest philosophy and a proud component of daily clinical life. We believe in today being the foundation for tomorrow and Team HeartWest is passionate to create legacy for our future generations.

Our Mission: To provide accessible, affordable, efficient and high quality cardiology services with expertise, care and empathy from a dedicated team of doctors, technical and administrative staff.

Our Vision

To provide accessible, affordable, efficient and high quality cardiology services with expertise, care and empathy from a dedicated team of doctors, technical and administrative staff.

To continue to teach next generations of doctors, technicians and administrative staff to propagate Team HeartWest’s vision of serving the community.

To continue to grow, adapt and advance in delivering our services as the times and technology change.

To continue to serve with a smile.

Team HeartWest

Team HeartWest
Our doctors are all heart specialists with a wide range of interests and sub-specialty skills. Currently, the following doctors are consulting at Heartwest. Their special interests are listed below.