HeartWest is committed to providing efficient and affordable specialist services to western and northwestern corridors of Melbourne

HeartWest Centers

HeartWest’s commitment to serve the areas of the west and northwest Melbourne is depicted by the fact that it has now four major locations and three satellite sites to deliver highly efficient, effective, and high quality cardiac care to its patients. HeartWest is proud to have these well established and smooth operating cardiac care centers.

HeartWest team of cardiologists, and other specialists is well trained and committed to provide professional and patient focused services through these premises.

All centers are custom built and well equipped, with focus on welcoming, well lit and friendly reception areas, adequate and private space for consultation rooms, well utilized efficient stress test rooms & adjoining change rooms, separate ECG and Holter rooms, offices for the managers, other spaces for communications and spaces for staff refreshments. The billing system and medical records are well integrated.

All major HeartWest centers are equipped with proper consultation rooms with state of the art computers that are linked across all locations, with a central software system where information is safe, secure and easily accessible from anywhere by the authorized doctors and staff. Nearly all consultation rooms have digital ECG modules for ECG recording. The Software Reporting system for all kinds of diagnostic tests has been developed inhouse over the years and has been properly tried and tested. Most of the reports are sent securely via e mail. Printing can be done locally in the room, at the reception area or remotely in our central Mail Room which is staffed by an experienced and valued member of Team HeartWest responsible for posting all kind of results, reports and letters through a state of the art printing, folding and stamping/posting automatic machine.

All HeartWest centers are also equipped with new Echocardiographic machines and related equipment including custom beds, disposables, including disposable single use gowns, Dicom servers and archiving software – including remote access to all cardiologists for reporting tests; abundant availability of 24 Hr Blood Pressure monitors and Holter machines as well as stand alone purpose built stress test rooms both for Exercise Stress ECGs and Stress Echos. All four locations use treadmills for exercise, while Altona North site uses Bicycle Ergometer for patients who find treadmill difficult to use.

All locations are also equipped with emergency medicines as well as ready to use Automatic Defibrillators and Oxygen supply. The staff are trained for basic life support.