Our aim is to provide accessible, affordable, efficient and high quality services with care and empathy from a dedicated team of health professionals.



HeartWest has private custom built consultation rooms for the comfort of our patients. Initial consultation usually takes a little longer than review consultations. All specialists are independent practitioners and provide one to one consultation to each and every patient booked to see them.

HeartWest rooms are equipped with computer and communications terminals connected to a central server making it easier to access the same patient information / old record / all investigations and results from any HeartWest rooms. This central database system is a powerful feature of our infra-structure.

Likewise all centres use the same appointment booking and billing system creating a single record keeping and retrieval system, which is very user friendly. This allows us to work efficiently and effectively with high bench marks.

When you call to book an appointment the first thing you will need is a referral letter (if you have Medicare Card and wish to get medicare reimbursement) from your GP or treating specialist. A referral from GP is usually valid for 12 months. Nearly all patients coming for review appointments will need a new referral every 12 months.

If you are referred by another specialist, then the referral is valid only for 3 months. You will need a new referral, preferably from your GP after that initial 3 month period.

When talking to our friendly reception staff please let them know date and time that suit you to come and see one of our doctors. When an appointment is confirmed please make sure you write it down and set a reminder for your self. If you can not come on your appointed day/time please call and reschedule or cancel your appointment as this will free up your spot which can be used by some other patient.

For fees and charges please visit FEE page. This is a general guide.

Please arrive five or ten minutes before your appointment time as occasionally we have to do an ECG (Electrocardiogram) and sometimes the doctors are running on time. We try our utmost to see our patients within 20 minutes of their appointment time but due to the nature of our work, occasionally doctors can be running late. This could be due to some emergency or other unavoidable task which is usually unscheduled and/or takes up more time than initially planned for. A request by your GP for an urgent review will always be given priority. Please explain to the reception staff if the referral is for an urgent opinion / test etc.

When you see your doctor at HeartWest please explain in detail the reason for your referral and any other relevant information. If you need any prescriptions this is the time to ask for them and also ask for Medical Certificate if you require one.

After the consultation is over, you should see our reception staff again at the front desk to confirm the next review date, get appointments for tests and investigations and to see if any other orders are requested by your doctor. If you are bulk billed you will need to sign a bulk bill form, otherwise you will need to settle your account before leaving.

You may be given a printed letter which details your appointment date / time and other details. Keep this handy and on a prominent place so that you get remined about your appointments.

Thank you for choosing HeartWest.